Vraja's Orgnization

To care for Vraja Cows we desperately need your support as we do not have regular funds coming in & only by regular funds coming in, We can keep this service going on continuously, so please kindly find it in your Hearts ūüíď to give a Donation Monthly for this wonderful cause.....

First 100 Members will get very special discount !!

if you take the 250 Rupees Per Month Membership when booking Vrajas Keertan Band for your Keertan Events.

After 100 members are completed

you would still get a chance to join our membership at 500 Rupees per month

Please use following options for monthly donations:
  • INR 500 per month¬†

  • INR 1,000 per month¬†

  • INR 2,500 per month¬†

  • INR 5,000 per month¬†

  • INR 10,000 per month¬†

  • INR 25,000 per month¬†

  • INR 50,000 per month¬†

  • INR 1,00,000 per month¬†

Hare Krishna from Vraja's Kirtan Team

We dedicate our lives for Preaching the Mahamantra
(Holy Names) of Sri Sri Radha Krishna as far out as possible & we can not do this without the Lord's mercy & your kind help as expenses Occur for eg: Instruments: Mridanga's, Drums, Kartal's, Bumper's Sound equipment, Travelling etc....


Name of the bank: HDFC Bank
Saving A/c name: Vinod Dev
Swift Code: 281240102
Saving A/c no.: 50100225215775
IFS Code: HDFC0000942
Bank Branch Code: 942
Raman Rati opp Balaji Ashram
Vrindaban, Mathura
Uttar Pradesh ‚Äď 281121 (INDIA)

BHIM UPI ID: 9914943834@ybl
GooglePayUPI: vrajas108@okhdfcbank
 Google Pay Account : 9914943834

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