Our Core Vision
and Mission

Following in the footsteps of our Predecessors, Vraja’s have the Aim to preach all over Bharat–India & Internationally where possible.
Vraja’s also has a Team of Foriegn Devotees at hand, Foriegn Male & Female Devotees travel with Vraja’s, wherever needed.
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Our preaching mission is Free, however costs for Transport, Certain Musicians & Singers sometimes Occur so please discuss this in detail while making a booking.
Scientifically it has been noted that Hare Krishna chanting gives benefits of meditation- significant decrease in stress, depression, and the mode of ignorance, and a significant increase in the mode of goodness. The greatest benefit of chanting Hare Krishna is becoming instrument of God's power within this world.


Our Leadership

Vrajavinod Shyam Das

Founder, Singer & Organiser

Shailendra Das


Sunder Lal Das


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